Well - apologies from members fortunate to be on holiday - but no apologies from John who has been able to secure Duncan Griffiths for the 26th October.

This is a really good event for the club and endorses the fact that being in the club is well worth the meagre membership fee.

Ducan is a renowed speaker on the subject of Koi Health, not to mention the many books he has published on the topic of Koi Health

Added to this, Duncan has developed and successfully promoted his own Koi medicines and treatments. I'm sure we'll find out more on the day

Essentially, this booking is not for the promotion of Duncan's products, it's actually an opportunity for the club and  Koi hobbyists to listen and ask questions of Duncan.

After the event, I think contact with Duncan could continue and so too would the knowledge sharing!

See below, the announcement on our website Homepage

In the meantime, our next meetup is Wednesday 19th October at Petes.

So far the site Homepage has had 3747 hits from visitors - let's see what further interest we get after this announcemnt

Breaking News

Duncan Griffiths is coming to Liverpool in association with the Liverpool Koi Club!!

Ever have difficult Koi health issues to deal with?
Ever find it difficult and frustrating to to diagnose a health problem?
Ever find it difficult to get medical advice?
Ever find it difficult to find out how to treat?
Ever find it difficult to find out what to treat with?
If the answer to the above is yes then this talk by Duncan Griffiths is for you.

Duncan is here in Liverpool on 26th October 2016 for a 1 off, evening talk in association with the Liverpool Koi Club. Spaces are limited and the fee is well worth the £15 fee. 

Duncan, author of many books on Koi health is an expert in his field. Just google Duncan Griffiths and you will see many of Duncan's publications come up!

Reportedly, the leading UK Koi Doctor, don't miss this talk!! 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duncan Griffiths is coming to Liverpool  

book early