The Liverpool Koi Club has been in existence for many years and has a mass of Koi keeping knowledge

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Who are the Liverpool Koi Club?

Les Kay - whose Koi experience is vast, started the Koi enthusiasm, with others,  in Liverpool many, many years ago. He met up with Pete Barton and the two formalised their hobby into The Liverpool and District Koi Club. It attracted members and flourished.
They were listed within the "Koi" magazine, for our area.

The club has renamed as the Liverpool Koi Club and we have members as far afield as Manchester and Central Lancashire

Meet Ups

The clubs members meet regularly and exchange ideas on Koi purchases, pond problems and improvements, and Koi keeping in general.



Pond Visits

At least once a month, we will meet at a members pond.

A social event, but that's not all. We can discuss any pond issues or concerns the member is having and offer solutions to any upcoming problems

Koi Dealer visits

The club organises visits to Koi Dealers up and down the country.
Normally we can view Koi at these dealerships and use our influence to push for more favourable prices

Club Visits

The club organises visits to other Koi clubs in the North West.

We visit these clubs and reciprocally, they visit our clubs ponds

These visits represent a great exchange of knowledge and experience and enhances the enjoyment of the hobby 


Just like us, your Koi can develop minor injuries to fins or scales and the like. The club has a good medical knowledge and can advise on the best course of treatment for your Koi.
We have invested in an expensive microscope and other useful tools for diagnosis




Subscriptions are due yearly. What do members get for their subscription? Well, the very best advice on how you should care for your Koi. Some of our members have Koi that are worth a handful of pounds, other members have Koi values in the order of £1000s. So why would it not be worth a modest subscription to ensure your Koi and your pond stay healthy?

Additionally, the club has a better buying power than an individual. In this respect, we buy the best food, at the best price, and redistribute this to our members

Do you already have a pond or are you considering a "New Build!

The club can advise on all aspects of Koi keeping and Koi pond building.
We have a dearth of knowledge and experience on pond builds, solids removal, filtration,  UV treatment, and the like.
Some of our members build ponds professionally - tap this resource



Website and Social Media

Our website is under complete review. The intention is for people to view the site, if they want to join us, they can sign up and discuss Koi issues.

If you want, you can join us proper, from the website, and become a full member. All of the benefits described above will be conferred to you - if you don't have a pond, then no problem - if you do have a pond, then can we come and visit?

Go to the "Log In" section and create your account. Then activate your account by going to the email address you specified and click on the activation link. You should now be able to Log In. Plus, you'll be on our database so we can stay in touch

We'll set you up with your Liverpool Koi Club email address

Any queries? - mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.